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Min serverapplikation ska likna den för San Fransisco Bay, men istället ska data flödet ske enligt bilden.

Data flow

Konversation med Exploratorium:

What I am trying to make is a tracker for sailboats/regatta where the competitors are visible in the navigation device on board on each boat joining the race. The proto is found at The important item is found at tab "ais".
There are several trackers available on the market, but they all show the competitors in a web api.

My idea is simple:

Each boat has a mobile phone with an app sending acc to OpenGTS format (nmea RMC) to a webserver. Each message is converted to AIS-format, one type 18, and one type 24. The idea is to send them via TCP exaktly as you are doing on For me everything is working fine except that I dont seem to find the correct IP to the listeners who shall recieve the ais data, and I have also not got the socket working. I also do not understand how can both send TCP and view aisdata via port 80. My understanding was that the port would be locked to either function...?
As a start I intend to use OpenCPN as viewer for the AIS-data. OpenCPN works fine recieving data from


San Fransisco Bay

San Fransisco Bay

Min demo

Java source

From Exploratorium:

aisaggregator.git is the the program running behind You'll find there examples for receiving and transmitting data. I can't promise you that it features the best way to do things. exploais.git is a library that turns AIS data into human readable JSON objects.
Please note that the aggregator uses the exploais library as a submodule, so if you intend to clone it, do this:

git clone --recursive